Spartan Apollo E-Liquid 100ml

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If you purchase this product you will earn 12 Points! Worth !
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Spartan Apollo E-Liquid 100ml

Spartan Apollo E-Liquid 100ml  - It is almost like you cracked open a box of Apple Jax cereal, added milk, and took a huge spoonful. You will love this vape.

Spartan E-Liquid is produced in the USA using the highest quality ingredients and flavorings.

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Available in Zero, 3, 6 Nicotine Levels

Spartan E-Liquid is  made with a 80vg/20pg balance  of VG/PG natural and artificial flavors.

Don’t pay crazy retail prices for your E-Liquid! at Spartan E-Liquid you buy directly from the manufacturer online and save. All of our liquids are 80/20 vg/pg for ideal performance in modern sub-ohm devices. We never skimp on flavoring, so there is no need for silly “flavor shot” upgrades.


Spartan E-Liquid is available in several fun flavors (with or without nicotine) and are produced in the USA using the highest quality “Made in America” ingredients and flavorings. We believe our superior tasting and dense, white-cloud producing vapor products rank amongst the best in the industry and we are certain that you will, too. We are committed to producing safe e-liquid, e-juice, and smoke juice blends by using the highest quality United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade ingredients. Our superior grade nicotine, PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), and flavorings are all “Made in America. We hand-select only top-shelf American manufactured flavorings for use in our proprietary blended e-liquids. Finally, in keeping with our commitment to ensuring public safety, we use childproof caps on all of our e-liquid products and all products are sealed with tamper evident packaging upon leaving our production facility.

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical which can be harmful if swallowed or contacts skin. Keep stored away from children. This product is only to be used by persons 18 years and older. Use at own risk.

Spartan Executive Blend E- Liquid by T-Vapes LLC

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Nicotine Level

ZERO, 3, 6

5 reviews for Spartan Apollo E-Liquid 100ml

  1. David levitan

    Very nice not over powering all day vape. I’ve only had one other apple jax close to as good! Very subtle notes of apple cereal and milk. I enjoyed it much… It is a very good deal! I’ll be ordering more of this! If you like apple jax try this!

  2. bassbeast1968 (verified owner)

    You can taste the oats! How did you do that Spartan, that is amazing! A great Apple Jax, you can taste the apple, the milk, even the oats, VERY smooth and a great all day vape. Thumbs WAY up Spartan!

  3. james nanys

    I’m glad I tool a chance on this one. Smooth flavor!

  4. Jay

    Full grain flavor that’s realistic that’s complented by a sweet milk and that cereal apple flavor we all know. If you like Apple Jax, this is literally it in an ejuice form. I’ve searched for years trying to find this flavor profile and I’ve finally found it.

  5. yowhite666

    This juice is very acidic and ruined my squonk bottles. Tastes good, but do not squonk with it!

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