Liquor License Los Angeles

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Liquor License Los Angeles

California is a thriving state, the cradle of new business. The entrepreneurial atmosphere is felt in the major cities of this golden state. There are thousands of opportunities to create genuinely successful companies. The most attractive, include locations that serve liquor to their visitors, such as restaurants and bars.

However, before you see your business working in this promising market, it is necessary that you apply for the licenses required to operate. In addition to registering the name and obtaining the usual business operating permits required by the state, there is one that is essential: the liquor license.

Liquors in California

In theory, the state is flexible concerning the commercialization of liquors. State laws do not regulate the sale of alcohol in businesses such as supermarkets and grocery stores. The only restriction is to comply with the hours of sale, allowed from 6 am to 2 am. Tasting at these locations is also permitted, with a maximum of 1 ounce of product per person.

In the case of bars and restaurants (where the real business is) California is an uncapped State. This means that there are no limits on the issuance of liquor licenses, as long as the applicant complies with the established requirements and procedures. However, the reality is different.

How Does The State Regulate The Issuance Of Liquor?

Although in theory anyone can obtain a liquor license and sell them on a  bar or restaurant, things are not that easy. The state has indirectly managed to regulate such permits. These are the two main strategies:

  • Costs: One of the main problems that entrepreneurs encounter to enter the business of selling alcohol in their locations is the amount of money that must be invested. Any restaurant that wants to sell liquor must spend about $13,000 to get the license. Also, you must pay local authorities to apply for a conditional use permit. If you want to receive a liquor license in Los Angeles, the approximate amount is about $8,000, and if you speed up the process, it could reach $15,000.
  • Waiting times and conditions: In addition to the associated costs, processing the California liquor license takes time. The review process takes approximately 90 days in theory, but according to California ABC's official website “circumstances often result in a longer waiting period”. In addition to time, you must have your business location established before applying. If your business is not operational, this means paying rent for a “dead period” while you get the

Let Cano Assist You!

Despite the difficulties, if you are an enterprising enthusiast who wants to market liquor, you should not be discouraged. Fortunately, you have our backing. Cano Liquor License Consulting has been serving thousands of satisfied customers for over 20 years.

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Liquor License Los Angeles
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