About Us

T-VAPES, LLC is a Phoenix based company committed to supplying the smoke-free alternative community with superior blended e-Liquids and quality vaping hardware and accessories.

We produce premium quality e-liquids within the USA using the highest quality “Made in America” ingredients and flavorings. As well, we engage a quality process to assist us in identifying vaping devices and accessories that meet our strenuous quality standards. Thus, our customers can rest-assured that all products sold by T-VAPES, LLC have received our “Commitment to Quality” seal of approval. We stand behind all of our proprietary products and all other merchandise that we currently sell and have vetted according to our quality and reliability standards.

Managing Members

T-VAPES, LLC is a team of integral and professional entrepreneurs with a commitment to excellence, safety, customer service, and customer satisfaction. You can trust and rely upon us to provide superior e-liquid products and quality hardware that will exceed your expectations and provide an overwhelming and satisfying vaping experience.