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  • Spartan E-Liquid Purple Rain E-Liquid 100ml

    Spartan E-Liquid Purple Rain E-Liquid 100ml ($9.99)

    I have been vaping for neigh on 7-8 years now. This is the best grape flavored juice I have ever had and considering the price one wouldn’t think it would taste so good. Great flavor and amazing value. Couldn’t ask for anything more than for the grape flavor to be even more intense.

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    2018-11-25 21:52:11
  • Spartan E-Liquid fruit explosion 100ml E-Liquid

    Spartan E-Liquid Fruit Explosion 100ml E-Liquid ($9.99 $7.99)

    Rich in smooth explosive flavor, very fast shipping. Taste just like cereal.

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    Ziad Abas
    2018-09-01 12:54:28