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More Teens Using E-Cigarettes

Not that T-VAPES is advocating under age use of e-cigarettes or tobacco products, but we do find it interesting that More Teens Using E-Cigarettes Than Tobacco Cigarettes, Survey Finds, according to a new survey of 40,000 to 50,000 students in the 8th, 10th and 12th grades.

We’re interested in hearing from you.  What are your thoughts and viewpoints on this emerging trend from tobacco to e-cigarettes…

4 thoughts on “More Teens Using E-Cigarettes

  1. All studies continue to indicate/support that vaping is better for you then real cigarettes. It seems we would want the teens to increase E-Cigarette usage and decrease cigarette usage.

  2. Good luck to your blog as I continue to follow regularly.

  3. This is not about the discussion. I just placed an order with you guys and am super happy.. came fast…dirt cheap.. no problems.. love it and thank you

  4. Teens engage in experimentation far more than any other age group. I experimented with cigarettes instead of vaping as it didn’t exist.
    Enough of this foolishness !!
    There is enough evidence to make this claim:
    “Smoking cigarettes is far more dangerous than vaping”… The reason the debate continues is over $$$$$. Ask 10,000 PHD certified professionals who specialize in any area that links them to verify or dimiss my claim. They would verify it. Do some research on the studies done by those whose only agenda is the TRUTH… I dont believe that ig tobacco seeks to ban vaping,they wish to have the sole legal authority in the manufacturing and distribution of vaporizers and e-liquid. This is their plan B, as plan A will surely ultimeately fail ….

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